Green Seal Presents: The #MyHumaneNature Twitter Challenges

Arthur – the author of In the Light of Humane Nature –shared his personal stories in this book, and now, with the #MyHumaneNature Twitter challenge, we would like to hear your stories, your interpretations, your daily insights, your consciousness, and your feedback.

The Monthly #MyHumaneNature Twitter Challenge will encourage people to think and share details about their lives through a lens of sustainability. Twitter is a free, social media platform where ideas travel like wildfire and cultural transitions are captured.

Each month our challenge will pose a question based on a theme such as “consumer concerns.” Anyone on Twitter can participate in the challenge by tweeting an answer to the monthly question while including the hashtag #MyHumaneNature in the tweet.


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We will choose winners from those tweets. The winners will receive a free signed copy of In the Light of Humane Nature.

This consciousness—or internal dialogue, is an example of #MyHumaneNature:This morning as I grabbed yogurt at a bakery below my office, I did not grab a spoon. I did not grab a spoon because I knew my office has metal reusable ones and I knew that, if I grabbed a plastic one, it would get thrown out—or recycled, regardless, it would enter the waste stream; I don’t like waste.

Informed by ecological science and environmental policy, humane nature is a consciousness fundamentally based on a deeper morality and heightened sensitivity and appreciation for the world around us.

Our Goal: We hope that the #MyHumaneNature Twitter Challenges will encourage people to view themselves and the world around them in a new way. The thoughtful tweets can spread awareness of and celebrate this consciousness. When people submit a tweet, they affirm that type of thinking and behavior by explicitly acknowledging it and act as sustainability leaders amongst their circles. The #MyHumaneNature challenge is about putting theory into practice and we need YOU!

To submit: tweet a response using the #MyHumaneNature hashtag. One tweet counts as a single submission, so only one tweet will win. However, you can submit as many times as you would like! We will RT!


June’s Twitter Challenge Theme: Consumer Concerns

What was the last thing you consumed? A burrito? How about the gas for your car or the metro fare you used to get to work? What influenced your consumption?

This month’s #MyHumaneNature challenge addresses the question of how to influence consumption to create more sustainable behavior.

–          Submit stories or anecdotes from your daily lives!

–          Send examples of your favorite brands’ ways of promoting sustainable consumption. Tell companies what sustainable traits you like in the products and services you buy!

–          Any ideas for the future or how things ought to be!

Considered in a wider view, consumption is a way in which we interact with the world around us. It is how we obtain resources such as the food we need to survive or the materials we use to construct our buildings. We also consume the music we listen to for entertainment and the parks we hike for exercise. This month’s #MyHumaneNature challenge aims to celebrate the consumer and the voice of the consumer in creating a green economy.

In the Light of Humane Nature explores these “consumer concerns”: basic needs, health, affordability, individual welfare, status, quality, and brand. These concerns interact subconsciously in a consumer’s mind and result in a consumption decision.

For example, affordability dominates my transportation decisions. Every day I consume 2 bus fares and 2 metro fares as I commute to and from work. However, sometimes, if I wake up really late, time dominates my transportation decision and I will drive.

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